Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Fantastic Four

This post is dedicated to us- the Fantastic Four. When these three amigos leave in a month, I don't know what I will do. I love you guys!

Here we are just being Fantastic.

Here we are contemplating the wonder of ankle deep water in a second story bathroom. Feet pictured from top to bottom- Daniel (or Blood), Erin, Paige (check out the flip flop tan!), and Portia.


  1. You are soooo tan and your hair even looks lighter...kind of reddish??

  2. Isn't it great?! I was looking at pictures from when I was blonde last summer though, and I am really excited to go back to that. P.S. I am writing this from the quad! Yeah! We have internet out here!

  3. Please note, all members of the Fantastic Four are taken, in one way or another, and so will not be entertaining outside inquiries regarding dates (casual or otherwise), marriage and the like. We do, however, appreciate fan-mail (keep it kosher).

    Thank you.

  4. You look like you are so very comfortable in your setting now! I love the pictures. And the puppy...oh my...so adorable. I can't get over the amount of water you had in the bathroom and for that matter on the road.That is truly amazing. It is great to see that you have a lot of friends to talk to day in and day out. The artists...wow- they are amazing. I am so impressed by their work. Love ya - Katee

  5. sorry about the deleted post above. too many errors. couldn't let it slide. anwyays, I was curious on who you were taken by? Portia said you all were taken by someone in one way or another... I was just curious who your lucky guy was? And I like Portia. we have only had a few brief email conversation via you, but she has offically become one of my favorite people. Plus she is an excellent influence on you... from what I hear. And of course I heard she was in love with an Adrian once before. anyone who falls in love with a guy name "Adrian" is definately a good person. ha ha

  6. Adrian, of course I am one of your favorite people. My personality is electric and transcends all media, including the internet and Paige's emails.

    Now, with respect to this Adrian of whom you speak, his name was AdriÁn. Love may also be too strong a word to describe what we shared -- but it was amazing either way. I thought Adrian was a girls name... But if you are anything like my ACCENTED Adrián, you're awesome too. :-)

  7. Oh my sweet Portia. I am glad you wrote back and i must admit that your personality and love does, "transcend" through blogs, and emails even when we are thousands of miles away. I feel it. However, let me clear some things up for you.
    1. It don't matter how you pronounce it. you can add the cute little é on it our just plain Adrian. You can even yell it like Rocky it don't matter. However, when you say it... it's powerful. Besides they call you Poo-se-ah don't they? At least my name is cool enough that both genders want it. You are either a car in the states, or you sound like a woman's... (paige said I had to keep this school appropriate so I will leave it at that). Paige also tells me that when you are asleep, she says she goes over to you and whispers "Adrian" and even tries to roll her r's. and she says that after she says my name, you just automatically smile and turn over. that is just the affect that it has on people. There is new study out here that says hearing my name actually decreases your chance of cancer. ha ha.

    2. And love might be a too strong of a word to describe your "feeling" toward Adrìan, (hell paige has to use "heart" with me. ha ha), but never-the-less, whether you felt love, amazement, or whatever you felt... just know it was from an Adrian. but I do like you po-see-ah, I can honestly say there is not be one po-see-ah that I didn't like.

    You ladies have a wonderful day. Paige, you are missed take care.

  8. Adrian, my sweet... In the States, my name is pronounced POR-SHUH. In Spanish it's PORR (roll that "r") TEE-A. In Creole and French, POE-SEE-AH. It is from the Latin and has several alleged meanings, my favorite of which is "God's offering." In no language, when pronounced, does it sound like what you so rudely alluded to in your last post... I will not even condescend to address that car reference, though I still admire and respect you immensely - albeit from a distance.

    Now, I must admit, though I knew Paige had powers, I had no idea that she could pass through walls. This does pose some concern to me -- mostly for her safety. Perhaps we should fasten her to bed at night? I defer to your thoughts on this.

    Getting back to the matter of "Adrian" -- it is, indeed, a gorgeous name and I feel privileged to have addressed both a teacher and a novio by this irrefutably melodic title. And let's be honest, while I may not use the word LOVE, there have been some exciting developments in my half of the Saga of Adrians that have set my heart of flutter of late (these events have nothing to do with you, my sweet, and everything to do with the ´ -ed one).

    So, in conclusion, I call for a continuance to comment space on a different blog post and/or email.

  9. I will settle this little tiff.

    Portia, you have an original name.

    Adrian, you have an original name.

    Paige, you have the best name ever.

    End of story. All of which is said with a heart, not with a love.