Thursday, July 19, 2007

Working From my Room!

The day has finally come- I can work from my room! Yesterday we got Internet out at the quad. This means that I can now stay on the farm and coorespond with organizations, respond to e-mails, and update my blog... it is a happy day for me, Portia, and the rest of the Fantastic Four as well as the others living in the quad (aside from Father Charlie).
So this morning I was transferring projects and fundraising projects from Portia's computer to my own so that when she leaves I will be able to continue and hopefully wrap up projects such as the vocational school, when three little shadows waltzed into my room singing "Don't Matter" by Akon. (Don't you love it Jami?) Jean Robert, Fery, and Jeff distracted me for quite some time... making me realize that although the transportation thing will no longer be an issue when it comes to work, the smiling faces will be! I choose the latter of the two.


  1. Happy that you finally have internet access from your room. That comment sounds so 1990 ish. ha ha. jk. I thought I would take a break from my norm or telling funny jokes and making funny comments (that appartantly are only funny to me) and write and say that I am happy that you are doing what you are doing, but you are missed. talk to you later.

  2. yeah, i guess it does kind of sound 90ish... Haiti's a little behind the times, apparently. Adrian, you say I am missed. I know that... and I know it is "that one boy I thought was cute" that misses me the most. Hope you had fun at Ricardo's wedding and Zoe's birthday party. Hope you told her Happy B-day for me. Did you guys do the Cupid Shuffle?

  3.'s your mommy that misses you most, Paige!!!!