Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Places of Importance

If you notice, in the top right corner of my blog, there is a "Places of Importance" section. Here, I have posted Father Marc's Blog, the official Theos Work Website, Portia's Blog (one of the volunteers), and Connie's Blog. Connie handles the arts and crafts in the states. If you go here, you can order! I will be sending new pieces home with Aunt Dee next week!


  1. alright, enough with the acryomns, they're getting annoying. (mainly cause I can't figure them all out) Hope all is well, and have fun with Jami and your aunt. talk to you later

  2. Hi Paigey. I am so impressed with your "Places of Importance" section. I loved going on the artwork section, as well as Portia's blog. Portia is such an amazing writer. I was hoping Allison was viewing this blog now and again, being that she is the journalist. Portia will probably inspire her to travel and write her own memoirs. Anyway...I still love reading your entries Paige. I live for this blog. I hope you can remain disciplined and keep up your journal writing. I am so impressed with all of the new information to read and digest. I still miss you terribly. Do the Haitians know that we will be celebrating our nation tomorrow on the 4th of July?? I imagine this is when you feel isolated...when we, as Americans feel the most pride. I wish you were here, my Paigey. Love you soooo much.
    Lynne and Adrian.....you two are tooooo competitive....but I am sure Paige loves the comments. Like you, Adrian, I am confused and unable to decipher the acronymns.
    P.S.S. Keep the fun commentaries coming. It's fun to read. By the way, Adrian...I have stopped critiquing....I am no longer in the teacher mode. Only Kisha is, huh, Kisha??

  3. Happy Independence Day Paige. Reading your blog and Father Marc's makes me thankful for what we have here in the U.S.
    Uncle Roy

  4. Hello- I do hope you were able to have your own celebration for July 4th. Keep up the wonderful blogs- I look forward to keeping up with all that you do. Please give my love to Aunt Dee and Jami. Stay cool...don't let any bugs bite you and catch these hugs....=)
    Love ya,

  5. Your blog is amazing Paige! So inspirational to the kids. Keep up with your wonderful spirit and artistic beauty Im so proud of you!! Love Always, Kelly

  6. Kelly! It is sooo good to hear from you! Please keep commenting so I can keep in touch with you!

    Katee- i will send the love on...and the bugs are definitely biting...unfortunately.

    Lynne and Adrian...hopefully you won't kill each other by the time I get back.

    Mom- love you.

  7. Thanks Paige, I hope more people will visit the arts and crafts blog. it is so easy to order. Just a note, I will be going to Arizona end of July so if any of your family there want someting I can hand deliver to them and save the postage. Keep up the great enthusiasm, you have a wonderful smile.