Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ti Chat

This is Ti Tim, or Tiny Tim. He is one of three in the newest litter of our quad cat. This morning, Ti Tim's sister fell off the top of the stairs of the quad onto the ground below. She is paralyzed and cannot move her hind legs. She is trying to wobble around, is trembling and crying.

Jean Robert was in the quad when it happened, and immediately his "tough guy" image dissolved when he saw the pain the cat is in. He brought the cat upstairs, made a bed for her, and tried feeding her milk.

"Jean Robert. The cat is in a lot of pain. She really needs to die. She wants to be with God now," I said to him.

"I can't. Let me watch her."

An hour or so later I found him, eyes closed, laying in my hammock outside my door.

"Jean Robert. She really is sick. We need to let her die now."

"No, Paige. I can't. I don't have it in my heart to let that happen."

With tears running down both our faces, we laid the cat in the bed to fall into a trembly sleep.


  1. Cat update- as of this morning, Ti Chat surprised us all by waking up perky as ever, dragging herself around on her two front paws. Jean Robert came to check on her first thing this morning. "I prayed for her last night. I told you she would still live." I hope his prayers give her a nice long life.

  2. I like the laundry basket trash can. Very Haiti.