Monday, October 15, 2007

Devastatingly Beautiful

If I had to describe Haiti in two words, they would be "devastatingly beautiful". For a country that is so rich in culture, so beautiful in scenery, so alive, so vibrant- it is devastating to see it crumbling around it's inhabitant's feet.

This photo was taken at Gelee Beach. The coast is littered with garbage- trash, clothing, food, feces. Old, dilapidated boats rest on the shore. Corners of buildings hold what's left of their heads up after being torn apart by Hurricane Dean, accepting that they will never be repaired.

And yet, amidst it all are the merchants pacing the paths- selling their coconuts, sugar cane, and corn. Children rummage through the trash hoping to find a treasure to call their own. Mothers bathe their young in the sea. Teens cool off in the water with their friends.

They are blind to the destruction they are impeding on the country they call their own, but at the same time, are astutely aware. They add to the garbage- throwing their own bottles and food into the masses, but then look with disgust as their neighbor does the same.

Where does that leave us? What do you do for a country that is so beautiful that you want to become fully submerged in it, but at the same time is so devastating that your heart can barely handle a peek?


  1. Hi Paige-
    I am so saddened to read about the attitudes of some of the Haitian people, and of your description regarding their surroundings. I cannot imagine how defeating it must be for them to lose their hope, in addition to not having the skills or tools necessary to bring about much-needed changes.
    And so, Paige, you are in a position to demonstrate, teach and lead, so that they, in turn, can empower themselves. You're already doing this!
    Keep up the great work and for sharing your insights and wisdom.