Friday, October 5, 2007

Christmas Card Project

Yesterday after school, with a small group of children, Connie started a coloring project. She asked the children to make pictures of Christmas things or Haitian things, in hopes of finding a great picture to use as the Theo's Work Christmas card. These boys worked so hard, Connie ended up with a wide variety of pictures to choose from. They were so cute, working so diligently.

Look at the updates Connie has made to her blog since she has been here. (I even make a camio appearance... although it looks as if I do nothing down here from her photo.) There is a link on this page, or you can go to

Connie is so great, and is going back with a lot of ideas and projects she has given herself to help the arts and crafts program. Not only that, but the kids down here love her. She works hard with the artists, loves the little kids, and works in the kitchen right along side Dino and Sonya. She is leaving in five days, and I sure am going to miss her.


  1. What a great idea....I will order some to send out at Christmas, Paige!! I like it!

  2. No, Mom. That is a great idea that you had. The cards are being made for ESPWA to send out at Christmas, but I will suggest to Connie about having cards made to sell. Good thinking!