Friday, October 5, 2007

Lightning Strikes

On Wednesday morning, around 7:30, Connie, Kevin, and I were standing outside my room gaping at how much rain we once again had. Right outside my window is a mango tree. Well, as we were standing there, we heard the loudest clap of thunder, and we all ducked our heads. We look up, and see the mango tree spark up, and then a brown cloud of dust come out the top of it. Come to find out, it wasn't thunder at all, but lightning striking the tree. Luckily it was raining so hard, the sparks immediately dissipated.

Shortly after that, Tipa came over to the quad, completely drenched mind you, to tell us lightning had struck anba- in the children's neighborhood. Come to find out, lightning had struck the black water tank at the children's showers. Here is a close up of the tank. You can see how its leaning to the right, and how it has kind of melted off the side of he stand.

Here is a picture of the two tanks. If you compare the white one to the black one, the black one is definitely leaning over. Father Marc, Connie, and Kevin are admiring the handy work of Mother Nature.


  1. Oh my will that be fixed?? So happy it didn't wobble or completely melt and fall on someone!!!

  2. hey there Paige my name is englishmike i am a friend of Kevins ,the man looks like he is having fun great pic of him and Dave "mustang" mustain on the tractor doing the electric .please say hi to Kevin and is there some way i can email or phone ,Skype perhaps ,would love to have a chat and maybe come down and help you guys out for a while take care ,cheers

  3. englishmike-

    so good to hear from you!

    my email address is, and kevin's is

    i showed him your message, and he was happy to hear from you, and said you are an amazing mechanic, and would love for you to come down here.

    please email us (i am more likely to respond, as right now kevin has 98 unopened emails) and i look forward to hearing from you!