Friday, October 12, 2007


Father Marc recently posted this on his blog. I felt it was important to post on mine as well, as without finances, we can no longer help the children. Currently we are cutting back on things that should not need to be cut back on: personnel, food, clothing. All of which is causing Father Marc, the man this would not be possible without, to face the return of his migraines, and lose even more sleep. Please help us.

Quotes Father Marc:

Our financial situation is not good and we need all the help we can get. Kids are going without beds and linen. We can't afford to buy all the clothes they need so they go without. We can't help the poor who come to our door and they are desperately poor. Would you like to help us on a regular basis with almost no hassle? Go to and click on a donation button. You can make a monthly recurring donation in any amount you wish. $30 a month covers almost all expenses for one child per month. $15 a month covers school expenses for an elementary student and $25 a month pays for a secondary school education. Make sure you give us your email address so we can update you on what is going on. Your support is greatly needed and appreciated. As the children say-- Bondye ap beni ou. God will bless you


  1. WOO i finally figured out how to get this comment up well remembered, anyway i just dropped by to say hi and stuff cause i'm bored and its been a while since i've commented and well... yeah WOO. How is everything, i'm guessing ok, plus i heard about chubs lol if thats how you spell it. i wish u could bring him back, i wanna see him, even though he/she doesn't speak my langueage... cant spell i know.Me and Jill have been dating for 6 WHOLE MONTHS NOW :D, thats the longest i've ever been with a girl... if i ever had one but yeah YAY :D. Jill is just so perfect but i'm getting side tracked now :P. lots of faces lol XD but i cant wait to see you again it'll be awsome, and that party that i'm sure everyone will throw when u get back i hope it wasn't a Suprise party O_o, lol another face, yes i know i'm INCREDABLEY weird, you'll probably find that out in the future if you haven't already. But i know for a fact my weirdness makes people smile so its here to stay :P. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z now i know my abc's next time won't you sing with me. just you know perking up the mood :P WHOA moms screaming g2g cya, i'll try to comment more often Bye Bye Paige, I learned how to spell your name :P

  2. Hi Kyle,

    It is good to hear from you. I am happy that everything is going well with you. I can't believe you and Jill have been together for six months- that sure is a long time. No, I didn't know about the party that was being thrown for me when I come home for Christmas... make sure it's a big one! With lots of presents! :) Good to hear from you!