Monday, October 8, 2007

Jean Wilson

This is a photo I took of Jean Wilson back in March. I always said that if there were to be a student body president of Castel Pere- it would be him. He is overall just a good kid. Polite, thoughtful, responsible, and he has an awesome smile!

Recently, Wilson has been getting sicker and sicker- Father Marc said he thinks it's a parasite. This morning he went into the medical care facility. He is doing even worse. He is pale, he cannot eat, and I would guess that he weighs less than 80 pounds now.

Please say a prayer for Wilson to get healthy soon. He does not deserve to be feeling the way he has been feeling.


  1. Did he just get sick the past couple days or has he been sick for a while?

  2. I will keep Jean Wilson in my prayers. I hope you are careful not to pick up a parasite, Paige.

  3. Dear Paige, First of all I would like you to know that Jean Wilson is in my prayers, just like mom's. Second of all, I wanted to apologize for not writing to you in a while. Dad put some block thing on my interenet, so I can't reach your site. I'm using mom and dad's computer right now, so yeah. Anyway.

    I miss you! :-) Today is Kyle and I's 6th month anniversery!! We are going to go see the movie called The Game Plan. It looks really cute. Then he is coming back to my house to have some pizza, or whatever. By the way, he says hi.

    I also got my senior portraits done!!! I'm so excited, we are going to go stop and pick them out tomorrow. It's so scary to believe I will be GRADUATING THIS YEAR!!! You will be there at my graduation, right? I hope so. I wish there was a way where I could send you my senior pictures online to you, so you can see them. Unless I know somebody with a scanner, there's no other way, unfortunetely. But I will try!! Because I really want you to see them.

    We are going to California to spend Jack's birthday. After we pick out my senior portraits tomorrow, we are going to Lake Havasu and then driving to California with Grandma. I'm not exactly sure what it is we're going to do, but all I know is I wish you could be here.

    I love you so much, I just wanted to apologize for not writing to you in a while. Like I said, blame the stupid BLOCKING thing, lol. ;-)

    Be careful, and I am praying for Jean Wilson to get better. I'm sure he will, since he has a wonderful person like you to take care of him!! How could he not get better?

    Please be careful, I've been thinking about you a lot lately, so has Sammy. He misses you! We all do. I love you soo much! Be safe.

    Love always,
    Your AWESOME little sister,
    WILLIAM. :-)

    PS. I've been thinking about this lately, do you remember what made you start calling me William? cause I don't, lol. Just a thought I've had.... not that it bothers me, cause I love it. :-)

  4. Wow- i wish i had known he was sick while i was there last week!
    dok c

  5. WOW JILL....way to hog a page. Paige, like jill stated plenty of times, we ALL are thinking about you. I miss you. I have been REALLY busy lately with my drawings and my computer modeling class, but still check up on you. I am going to start ONE BIG email for you and just keep saving it....then finally send it. I miss you and love you...and need to go to bed now, its 1:00...been doing this project since 5. NO JOKE. love you bye.

  6. Hi Paige,
    I, too, have been terrible about getting online to write to you. Our prayers are always with you and I still have your name in the prayer book at mass. We will say an extra prayer Jean Wilson. Is he getting better? Just keep yourself safe...I agree with your mom. (It's a mom thing)

    Uncle Pete is hunting so I have lots of time alone to read, watch chic flicks, visit the grandchildren or just veg out. I do get a bit lonely at night, but I am tired from work so I sleep well.

    As you probably know, our Colorado Rockies are playing the D-Backs tonight. GO ROCKIES!!!! Got to keep my allegiance to my home team:)

    Have a wonderful rest of your week. We love you.

    Uncle Pete and Aunt Kit

  7. Jean Wilson is getting much better. I can't believe the last time I posted was Monday- busy week. I have visited him everyday, he is now eating yogurt, crackers, and drinking juice. Thank you everyone for your prayers.

    Jill have fun in Cali. Lynne send me your e-mail. Aunt Kit and Uncle Pete- Go DBACKS!!!