Friday, October 12, 2007

ESPWA Update

I cannot believe it has taken me almost a whole week to add a post- I am so sorry. Here is the busy week update:

Rain? Yes, still everyday, although the sun has made himself seen for short periods each day.

Tuesday: Dan and Connie left for the states. Connie will be back in January, and Dan sometime at the end of October.

Wednesday: I made a commercial. Produced by Kevin. It is on Father Marc's blog. Father Marc will also be sending it to Katie in California to put on the website, hopefully it will be seen other places as well. Check it out!!

Thursday: Father Marc left for Florida. He is speaking in a parish, and he will be back on Tuesday.

Today (Friday): Finally updating my blog.

Between all the "special activities" I have been visiting Jean Wilson in the hospital-spending time with him there. He is doing much better- thank you for your prayers. I have also been observing English classes, teaching Dan's English classes, done some grocery shopping and errands in town, taught some private English classes, had some meetings with the artists, met with the UN, kept up communications with people in the States, and taught the kids how to play ultimate frisbee.

I will make a greater effort to keep you all up to date though! Again I apologize!

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