Wednesday, October 17, 2007


"Ok, Biondy, get out of my hammock and go home. I want to get ready for bed now. You've been lounging all day."

"Ok...but... um... Can I borrow this pillow?..."

"What? Why?"

"Well, since the new rooms opened up in the other neighborhood... I lost my pillow and sheets."

"That doesn't make sense. What does the new neighborhood for the boys moving from La Madonne have to do with your pillow and sheets?"

"They chiefed mine. They didn't have any... so the chiefed mine."

"Yeah... and they chiefed my bed."

"WHAT?! Nesley, they stole your whole bed? Where do you sleep?"

"Don't tell... he shares mine with me."

"That's just wrong. That bed barely fits one person. I'm telling Father Marc."

"What is he going to do? There's no money to buy any beds... why do you think they chiefed ours in the first place."

"Oh man... Take my pillow. Take my sheets. If I could walk down there with my bed, I would give you that too."

"A pillow and a sheet is fine. Thanks, Paigey. Goodnight."

Accepting what is.


  1. I am assuming that is the Creole say "chiefed" when thief is what was really meant?? What a sweet story. I am wondering if you gave up your neck pillow, Paige?? You are a "softy". I love you!!

  2. i love it, people in haiti dont steal, they chief! Oh Paige, you and your gigantic heart!

  3. it's not really spelled like that, but that is exactly how it sounds, thats why I wrote it like that.
    sounds silly, huh?...

    love you both!