Monday, October 22, 2007

My Biondy

This is my Biondy. He is as American as you can get without actually ever visiting the States. Look at him. He is a little gansta. I love it.


  1. Is there any other "style" we Americans can be associated with??? I am not so keen on the "gangsta" look. I guess "preppy" or "cleancut" or "western" is out, huh? Sorry....just showing my age. I know you crave my opinions don't you, Paigey???

  2. I agree with Mamma O again, and what happened with you disliking people who dress like that?

  3. Hi Paige,

    Just love reading your blog and seeing the pictures. Even though I can't be with you and the kids I can get some sense of daily life which I miss so much. Keep up the good work, tell Biody hi, I miss my creole lessons with him.


  4. Haha! Miss Orlowski! I Love It! Wow. Soo American "Hood"! =]]

    Love You And Miss You. You Big Tall Lady Of Ours! =p