Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Evans and Biondy

Here are two of the most fun kids at Castel Pere. Biondy (left) and Evans (right) are two of the dancers. Evans is so good it's scary. In this picture he just cut his hair. He likes it; apparently it looks cool, but I think he looked so much better with a normal cut. Looking stylish and cool is a big thing for the older boys. They do a pretty good job with what they've got. I don't know many kids back home that could pull of the looks they do.


  1. A couple of hams!! Definitely not camera shy. Cute!

  2. Hey maybe I should let my hair like that. Wouldn't it look cool?

  3. nope, not camera shy AT ALL. most of the kids here aren't. They LOVE seeing themselves in photos.

    no way, ferg. you do need a haircut though.