Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dr. Cynthia

On Friday we had a Spectac honoring the visitors that have been down here helping us. We especially wanted to honor Dr. Cynthia for her hard work with keeping the children up to date on their shots. Dr. Cynthia has known Father Marc for years- since he had only 80 children- and is an asset to Pwoje Espwa.

Sammy, Jean Remy, and some carpenters made a special plaque that says, "Mesi Dokte Sentya". Thank you, Dr. Cynthia!


  1. Beautiful plaque in honor of a wonderful volunteer. Wow....that is very rewarding work...knowing the children will be healthier and happier. Thank you, Dr. Cynthia.

  2. Paige-
    I realized that I commented earlier on the wrong sorry!
    It's such a wonderful gesture of appreciation to honor Dr. Cynthia for all of her energy and skill given on behalf of the children. I'm sure that she relished the plaque, especially since it was given from the heart.
    Keep sharing with us those wonderful acts of kindness; they're so inspiring!