Monday, September 17, 2007

A Creole Lesson for Paige

On our evening walks I usually get some short Creole lessons. Here is a video of Tipa and myself naming our body parts... Tipa sounds much better saying them then I do!


  1. I really like this new feature. It shows a little bit of your life there.

  2. Has Tipa turned around? Thats awesome, glad to know hes being a good little bugga. Say hi to him for me when you get back will ya.

  3. I loved seeing you in action and hearing your voice, Paige! My native French-speaking mother would love hearing the Creole version for body parts, although they didn't sound at all familiar to me.
    You sure are on a learning curve: new language and all!

  4. juan, im glad you like it- it takes FOREVER to download from here though!

    blood, yeah, he really has been doing much better. i will definitely tell him you said hi.

    auntie pat, i definitely learn something new everyday! love you!