Friday, September 28, 2007

Arts & Crafts Workshop!

Arts and Crafts has moved to a new workshop! We are no longer in the neighborhood with the children, but in our own building, with electricity and doors and windows! This is such great news.

Each section of arts and crafts has a cabinet with a lock, a table to work at, and a wall to display their finished pieces for visitors that come. The boys are so excited, as am I. (I started jumping up and down and crying when I saw the finished product.) These boys work so hard, they deserve to have a place all their own. They sure have taken ownership of their new place as well.

As you can see, they painted "Arts and Crafts" above the door. (The "t" isn't finished because it is going to be a palm tree), painted the inside walls, and Sammy added a decorative border. We are thrilled with the progress the Arts are making.


  1. How exciting, Paige! It always feels that much more exciting to go to work when there actually IS a workplace....not to mention a very organized one. I am certain a lot more "creative juices" will flow with the sense of pride attached to the new building. I am so happy for your successes and efforts to help improve conditions on the farm. Love you!!!

  2. Looks like they will make some nice stuff there.

  3. It is my special day
    I’m thinking about what evolved from practicing ballet
    And I hope that it won’t go away
    As I lay here and reminisce
    About the days I thought I was to cool for school
    I thank god that you exist and was able assist
    You made sure that I wouldn’t become a fool
    You’re a lovely and admirable lady
    Who spends her time making lives better in Haiti
    I’m always reminded of my never ending potential
    But only your words have been so essential
    Your existence is beyond my belief
    Whenever you bring back the relief
    Towards you, I am filled with gratitude
    Because of the way you have dealt with my attitude
    Physically, we are very far apart
    But you have and always will be close to my heart
    You’re flawless, perfect
    I love you, with all due respect
    Thank you, for being you
    Miss O, you are appreciated

  4. YAY!!! I'M SO EXCITED FOR THEM!!! it looks great!

  5. Hi, I really like those little angels in the top picture. How might I go about purchasing one (or more if they are within my budget!) :)

  6. mom- its been great working in the new workshop. we had visitors come in, and they were able to see everything we have to offer because it was all nicely placed on the walls.

    ferg- happy belated birthday. the poem is beautiful. thank you.

    erin- kids are still asking about you... i keep telling them youre coming back for my birthday... along with portia, blood, and adrian. :)

    dot blogger- there is a link on my page called "Arts and Crafts blog" it will lead you to konnyskorner. Connie has pieces the kids have made, along with their prices. she will happily send you some angels! thanks for your support!

  7. Oh my goodness.....Fernando.....that poem was excellent!! I am so impressed with the feeling that goes along with the very meaningful words. Paige...if you didn't believe it need to now....."to teach is to touch a life forever"!!! Thank you, Fernando, for your very touching and heartfelt poetry. I wish you the best!! Love, Mama O.