Monday, September 10, 2007

First Day of School

School started this morning. Last night the children were telling me about their mixed emotions- excited because they love school. Bummed because they can't play marbles anymore. Excited because they get to learn. Bummed because their new uniforms aren't ready. Typical childhood worries.

This morning their was a meeting in the church. A welcome back to school song was sung, logistics were discussed, and children were lined up to go to their classrooms.

After today, I will give you an update. I will be making my way through the English classrooms checking out how everything is going. We had a meeting on Saturday to discuss the new program and the first couple weeks worth of lessons. The teachers seemed very excited about the fact that we will be meeting regularly to discuss lessons, plan together, and I will be around in case of questions- children or teachers. I really hope the program takes off, and is successful. Cross your fingers for me!


  1. Good luck, Paige!!! I hope you all have a great first day back to school, and that you find the English program that you are helping to implement will also be successful!!

  2. There's no doubt in my mind, Paige, that your ESL program will be nothing but a great success! I wish all of your teachers and students a successful transition back to school...such an exciting time for everyone! I'll be anxiously awaiting more details and stories for you to share.

  3. Hey Paige! First day of school, I hope it goes really well for you!! How exciting for you and the kids. Let us know how it goes, thinking of you always!
    Love you, Kelly