Saturday, September 29, 2007


Mom, this post is for you.

Almost daily the kids ask me if they can use my phone to call people. Erin, my sisters, Adrian, my Mom. This is a lot of fun for them, but a burden for the people back home trying to comprehend the Creole words of my buddies. Well, Fery absolutely LOVES my Mom. The other day he asked me if he could ask my Mom to be his Godmother. I asked my Mom, and of course she said yes.

Mom, here is Fery thanking you for the silver cross necklace. His jaw dropped when he opened his gift from his maron. He loves it, and wears it proudly.


  1. I am crying tears of joy right now as I look at that beautiful face of Fery. I am so happy Fery loved his necklace. I am proud to be his Godmother. Thank you for the precious gift of your picture, Fery! As Uncle Wayne said this past weekend.....I am Fery's Godmother (get it? Fairy Godmother?) I have my picture on the dresser in my bedroom. I smile at it everyday. I love you, Fery!!

  2. He was so proud and happy to talk to you today, Mom. Thanks for making his day. I love you!