Saturday, September 1, 2007

My Hair

Even after being here for almost three months, the children still do not tire of playing with my hair. They LOVE to find stray hairs on my shirt- tie them in knots, put them in their own hair, or simply watch them move in the breeze. Today I gave myself a haircut. That's right- I cut my own hair. How does it look? Good enough for a ponytail in Haiti. The boys were mortified that I would even THINK to cut my hair. As I was in my room trimming away, they were downstairs, staring up at my window.... waiting. Afterwards, they wanted to see it and touch it right away. I got the approval because I only cut off about half an inch. Jeff grabbed my hair and while it was still on my head, put it on his own. The kids thought it was hilarious seeing Jeff as a blonde. (Yes, my hair is getting blonder and blonder by the day. My arms hairs are completely bleached white from the sun. It makes them a lot more noticeable....especially since my skin is "turning Haitian".)


  1. Arghhhhhh!!!! DON'T cut your own hair!!!! You will become addicted and feel the need to constantly try to make it even!!! DON'T DO IT!!!!!! (I am covering my face and stomping my feet right now, missy!)

  2. Hi Paige-
    I love the thought of you being a 'real blonde'...just think of all the money that you're saving! I sure would know! I'm jealous, since I'm going tonight to get my hair highlighted. Enjoy it while you can!

  3. i know, i know. i cant help it though, it was so long and hot, and my ponytail looked dumb. now it looks healthier. i wont do it anymore. dont go cutting yours now mom!

    yeah, im not really liking it that much though. i miss danielle!