Sunday, November 21, 2010


By far the most distressed and devastating village I have been to thus far, Roche-Jabouin is located directly on the ocean in between Port Salut and St. Jean.

An hour of up and down red dirt mountains ended against the rocky water's edge and in the center of devastation itself.

The children of Roche-Jabouin are suffering. Most walk with bare bottoms and bare feet. By majority, the homes are made of sticks, very few seem strong enough to withstand forceful winds. They are surrounded by water, but the village is dry. They have no clean drinking water- the small well in the center of town has been contaminated since TS Tomas. They are hungry.

This small, forgotten town is like nothing I have ever seen.

The people were friendly enough to me, tired feeling. I didn't spend much time, half an hour at most. Daylight was fading, and we still had the long ride back.

I don't like making promises. I don't like promising homes, food, medical, clothing, sandals. I don't. Because, truth is, I don't know if I can fulfill them. Will I try? Of course. Will I spread the word? You bet. But for now, the most I can say...

M'ap vini.

I will be back.

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  1. Your entries make me cry. I am saddened by the discoveries you continue to find. I will definitely continue to pray. Love you.