Thursday, November 4, 2010


The clouds are getting darker, and the rain is coming down sideways.

Around 11 this morning, we had a lull in the rain, so I took the opportunity to go to the prison to bring them emergency hurricane relief food. We have 25% of our food set aside for emergency relief purposes. Today we brought two weeks worth of vitamin enriched rice as well as cooking oil.

When I got there it was already flooded in the central courtyard. I walked around to each cell and told everyone about the high chance of strong winds and rains starting this evening. I reminded them to stay towards the back of the cell, and that we will all be praying for them. We will be stopping by next week to see how they faired in the storm. I feel like I am in prison being cooped up in the quad right now- I cannot even begin to imagine how they feel.

On the way back from town it started raining harder. We saw people begin to pack up their storefronts. The streets started to clear. The water at the main bridge has started to swell, and I worry about the homes along the shore. I have seen them flood before.

We are getting wetter and wetter out here at Espwa. Again, all emergency precautions have been taken, and we will be sure to keep everyone as safe (and dry) as possible.

Keep praying for those less fortunate than us. Those that are living in tents. Those that have no shelter whatsoever.

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