Monday, November 22, 2010

Okay nan Nwel...

aka Haiti's version of American Idol... Christmas style!

Almost as viral as American Idol, Okay Nan Nwel is definitely all it is made out to be.

Sponsored by Digicel and a car place (I forget the name), the winner of Okay Nan Nwel gets to take home a car!

Last night, Wilson and I went to Okay Nan Nwel which is held at a local church auditorium. The TV station was there (to broadcast live on your local TV station) and so were the lights, mics, judges, and peeps. For the small fee of two dollars US a person, we were able to participate in this sacred event that only happens once a year. Last night was the final round of the preliminaries... meaning, starting this upcoming Friday, contestants start to get eliminated. Intense.

Typical to the preliminary rounds in American Idol, there were the performers there hoping to find there 5 minutes of fame by making fools of themselves... dancing around with straw hats, grabbing themselves, making weird girrating motions with their hips. (why is it always the guys that make fools of themselves?)

Also typical to the preliminary rounds and more prominent than the "fool makers" were the people that think their voices are angelic, but really they are just kidding themselves... a few times I wished I had ear plugs.

For one hour we saw approximately 15 performances, and one performance that was disqualified after a countdown from 10-1 by the audience when he failed to show up. We got to hear the theme song to Okay Nan Nwel approximately 472,043,284,039 times, and learn the hand motions to do when we were being broadcasted-live-on-your-local-TV-station. And we got to see women go bonkers with their screaming when a Haitian Justin Bieber came on stage to sing his Christmas song...I really wished I had ear plugs.

Overall, I give the night a 10, and I am DEFINITELY going back on Friday to see who gets eliminated... and hopefully hear the Okay Nan Nwel song a bazillion more times.

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