Sunday, November 21, 2010


Father Marc received a phone call this morning that Jah Roro caught cholera and had gone to the hospital.

All of the Les Cayes prisoners had spent over a week in the PaP prison due to TS Tomas. While the prisoners were there, or so they told me, six people caught cholera and died. Two of those six were from Les Cayes. When the prisoners came back, they were two less than when they left for PaP.

Knowing this, and being who I am, I went to check on Jah Roro.

The guards greeted me with, "Did you hear Jah Roro was sick?" and opened the gate to let me in.

He seemed weak, but not horribly sick. He said that the cholera was a false alarm (thank God) and he had just gotten a fever and case of diaherra.

More serious than Jah Roro was Jonas-

The guards only let me take this picture because I told them I wanted to show the color of his eyes to Dr. Jerry, our visiting doctor from Alaska.

Jonas is 17 and was brought back from PaP with the other prisoners. Every morning Jonas pees blood, and has abdominal pain. Dr. Jerry says it sounds/looks like hepatitis. I was able to bring a small dose of meds prescribed by Dr. Jerry that will hopefully help.

He is in a lot of pain. I cannot even imagine being sick with something so serious and being in these inhumane conditions at the same time.

Please pray for him and all of the prisoners.

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  1. So heartbreaking. I am praying for Jah Roro and Jonas.