Monday, November 8, 2010

The Ravine

Here is the main river that we pass to get in and out of Les Cayes. It is stories higher than normal, and at least eight times wider. Homes along the waters coast suffered some damage due to flooding.

We have family of our children that lost everything in Tiburon. Crops, homes, livestock- gone. We have heard that all of the homes along the coast around Les Anglais have been destroyed- meaning they are unlivable due to a loss of roof, wall, or flattened completely. We know of at least 250 homes that no longer exist. That is 250 new homes. 250 new families without a place to live.

I am hearing that reports are being given that only a small number of homes were destroyed, and that the damage should not be over exaggerated.

Let me ask you this- if your home even had a leak in the roof, or if your window broke, would it be considered an emergency? Let's put things into perspective people.

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