Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grand Boulage

hello Amanda,
Glad to hear that you are thinking a lot with us and searching aid for us too.
Exactly Amanda we have some members from my family from Port-au-Prince and exactly live in grand-Boulage now.I have my sisters,my brothers,cousins and aunt,uncles left Port-Au-Prince to live in Grand-Boulage.We have also some other people.They don't have really locations and food to subsist.We need exactly your help in this sense.Majority of people in the area are sleeping until now out.We have more than 500 houses break down in all area in Grand-Boulage we have about 55.
Thank you in advance for searching help for us.It is a big needs actually.
We don't have really food you know we don't have an employ a long time and now it is worst.
I can say about health every body is ok but mother is sick a long time.
God be with you Amanda.

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