Friday, January 15, 2010

State of Emergency.

Times are getting tougher. I spoke with Wilson tonight, who is in Les Cayes. He said the roads have opened up from PaP to Les Cayes, and now there is an overflow of people in the city. The hospitals are overflowing and there is no medication to provide for them. An announcement has been put out for all Les Cayes residents to "not even bother" going to the hospital if they are sick or hurt. Priority right now is assisting the people from PaP. This effort is more than just providing people with water, food, and medicine. We have an entire country in a state of crisis. The children of Pwoje Espwa are scared. They don't want to sleep in their homes. They are afraid their houses will collapse. People still stuck in the rubble in PaP are sending text messages to family members in the United States begging them to call CNN and ask them to come find them. This is an emergency.

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