Saturday, February 20, 2010

AA Profits off Earthquake.

Tonight Amanda and I were chatting on Facebook with a friend of ours, Mike Wilson, who is currently in PaP. Mike lived in Haiti for many years, and is now helping with relief efforts. He was voicing his frustration with American Airlines, and the sharing with us what we are not seeing or hearing in the news.

Today American Airlines opened up their commercial flights. They have sectored off a portion of the airport, fixed it, and now are the only commercial airline flying into the country. They are capitalizing off this disaster. A ticket from Fort Lauderdale is selling for $640- for an hour and a half long flight.

At the same time, AA executives went to the Medishare Hospital today, and threatened them. AA threatened the nurses and doctors servicing those in need, telling them that they can no longer charter "free" trips into the country.

Haven't billions of dollars been raised? Haven't businesses and people pledged to do their part? And now what is truly happening is: the rich are getting richer and the poor are still getting poorer. There are people needing housing, food, water, and sanitary items. Are they getting them? Are we getting the resources to them in a timely manner? Are we distributing to the whole country, or just the part of the country that is on TV?

The news is so quick to share with us the corruption that is Haiti, but we need to look in the mirror. At least Haiti has some integrity and is honestly corrupt.

Tired of hearing about the "Baptist Child Traffickers"? Let's have CNN try this one on for size.

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