Monday, January 18, 2010

A Phone Call

I just got off the phone with Wilson, and I can't stop crying. He didn't sound like himself- more like a zombie- and I can tell that this is deeply affecting him. Our connection was bad, so our conversation was short, but the content was important. He is in Les Cayes, and said things are bad. They have set up a tent city for those that migrated and have nothing. He said, "they literally have nothing." The point being- he wanted to make sure I was ok with the fact that he was going to use his salary and the money he has saved, to purchase charcoal and rice to give to the people in tent city so they can eat. He also said that his friends were giving all of their money to buy shirts for a few of the people inside the tent city. Right now, everyone in Haiti, whether they lived in PaP or not, has been affected by the earthquake. Right now, there is not one person who is safe, secure, or comfortable. Everyone has nothing. And yet, everyone is still giving. The solidarity and compassion the country has for one another is unbelievable. People are literally giving the shirts off their back to strangers. It was disheartening this morning when my little sister called to tell me that someone posted, "you are a trader to America." on her facebook wall after she encouraged people to donated at This is not about picking sides. This is not about one country or another. This is about the human race. This is about mankind. This is about saving lives, and helping a brother in need. I am so blessed, and so grateful for the friends I have. This last week I have heard from people I haven't connected with in years, and yet, they are supporting my cause, and helping the country I love. They are spreading the word, and giving what they can with a smile. For all of my friends, thank you. Thank you a million times over, and please, keep praying for our family in Haiti.

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