Thursday, January 14, 2010

From Les Cayes

The situation is desperate. We need to think of not only PaP, but the country as a whole. Everyone is desperate, the country is in crisis. Donate to help.

Hi Paige,
I have heard no news about them - which is good for we only get bad news. They may be like many others who have no way to communicate. If we get a minute we can drive over and check on them for you.
we have many emails from people asking us about various parishes, schools, friends, etc.
we would need an army to check on everyone. The road from PAP is cracked open
and not repaired, not even a motorcycle can get across. There were some stories that it had been fixed but that has not happened- yet. No road, no supplies, no fuel, etc.
Digicel is down but Viola is SOMETIMES working. After MANY tries, I spoke with Jean Gary in PAP. He and his family are OK.
AA is not flying for too many planes are here. there are many people trying to come through the Dominican Republic but are being held up on the border, The people here in Haiti are trying to get organized. There is no Official Govt Presence to lead the rescue efforts, so much for leadership,
take care
speak with you soon

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