Thursday, February 3, 2011


Tiburon is located about four hours from Les Cayes, along the western coast. It is a small community tucked into the base of a mountain. To me, Tiburon is the "Park City, UT" of Haiti. It's cobblestone streets and town square give it a quaint, friendly feel.

Currently, there are hundreds affected by cholera. It is hard for treatment to reach the small city because of the road condition. Once in the city, there are many, many small communities that can only be reached by foot making it difficult to mobilize the people that are suffering. At this point in time, the closest CTC (Cholera Treatment Center) is in Les Anglais, which is about two hours away via good vehicle on a dirt road.

Though the situation is beginning to stabilize, it is still sad. The last time I went to Tiburon, about two and a half weeks ago, we only had one third of our students in school. Their families were either scared to send their children to school, there is a family member that has cholera, or the child himself has cholera.

We have been attempting to work with an organization to get some immediate help to Tiburon for those in need. Hopefully I will have an update for you soon.

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