Friday, February 11, 2011

A Mother's Battle

Tears roll down her cheeks as she hands over the birth certificate. Singular because one is missing. According to the records, one child doesn't exist. But the child's four (maybe, she doesn't quite remember) young years say otherwise. She hugs the little angels in white dresses tightly as she speaks. She speaks of her struggles. Her losses. In her thirty five years she has been abandoned by a husband, buried her sixteen year old daughter, given up another child to a "godparent", and now struggles to hand over her two babies.

The little girls smile up at her as she hugs them while she continues to give him information. She wipes away a tear, but the love in her eyes remains. She hears the littlest' tummy rumble. The mother tries to remember the last time they ate. She can't. She stretches her neck. They slept on the ground last night. The roof almost covered their heads. But the rain didn't fall- something to be thankful for.

He sets down his pencil and says he will give her an answer shortly. The proper steps must be taken, though everyone can see this situation is desperate. The child's tummy rumbles again. He shakes her hand- the hand not wiping away a tear. She thanks him, and says she will be waiting for a response.

As she leaves her head and her heart battle one another. If she leaves them, they will have a bed to sleep in. But she won't be able to kiss them goodnight. If she leaves them, they will receive medicine when they are sick. But she won't be able to hug away the pain. If she leaves them, they will eat three times a day. But she won't be able to say grace with them. If she leaves them, they will go to school. But she won't be able to celebrate their success. Her head and her heart battle one another.

She knows that in order for them to have a better life, she must give the Hope. But giving them Hope will leave her with loneliness.

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  1. This tears me up, Paige. As a mother, I can't imagine having to make that decision. I will pray for the mother who has to sacrifice so much, so that her daughters will have a fighting chance. I know you will help lesson the pain. I love you.