Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Farrah's Family

Remember Farrah from Father Marc's blog? Our newest little girl? Well, this is her family, as well as reality.

Farrah became an Espwa Child after Farrah's mother begged us to take her. She begged us to take Farrah, not because she was being a bad mother- but because she was being a good one. Farrah's "stepfather" (the man that employed Farrah's mother) became abusive. But only abusive towards Farrah, a child not of his blood. The three year old has two younger sisters, both products of the "stepfather", or more accurately, the Farrah's mother's employer.

Farrah's mother, age 33, is now homeless. She and her two youngest daughters left the man after Farrah became an Espwa Child. They are now living on the floor of a good samaritan in Les Cayes. She is desperate to find a job, rent a small space of her own, and get her life back on track.

It would be ideal if we could assist Farrah's mother from home, so her family would not be broken. But unfortunately, the ideal is oftentimes not the reality.

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