Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dylan DeLisle

One of my favorite things in the world is to hear about how Espwa makes other people feel.

Back in October, Dylan DeLisle visited Pwoje Espwa with her mother, cousin, and a wonderful group of friends. Dylan fit right into Espwa, and did a wonderful job leading CPR classes with her mother, Shelly, painting the girls nails, playing soccer with the boys, and possibly more important than everything else I listed- helped me take care of Snoopy. (If you look back on my blog in October you can see some of the pictures.)

Dylan recently sent me an email with a poem she wrote about Espwa, and I thought I would share it with you!

(Yes, that is Snoopy... and no, he is not still that small.... he is about 4 times that big now. He's my big, athletic dog.)


Sunlight pooled
Around the faded blue walls,
Making them look like
An oasis.

Children scrambled
Over the gravel stones,
Their textured feet giving
Them grip on
The jagged terrain.

Nearby a goat bleated
Fluttered about.

Green and yellow
Cement buildings stood
Surrounded by a high
Wall; barracks of
Brightly colored concrete.

Inside the walls,
More young ones
Sang as they
Jumped rope,
Their beaded string
Clicking the beat
Of their tune
Smoke pooled out
Of the kitchen
Into the bright
November sky,
Bringing the scent
Of roasted meat
To the gravel

Sights and sounds
Carried a sense of
And to the
This place was absolutely

Rang like a bell
Filling the surrounding
Structures with
Sweet music.

The establishment truly
Lived up to its name:

Pwoje Espwa.
Project Hope.

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  1. Wow......I loved this poem. I had a feeling of nostalgia when I read it just now. I will go back and read it again. Thank you, Dylan....for putting into words something I, too, felt when I visited Espwa. P.S. I would love for Snoopy and Rupert to be able to play together. Which one is more athletic, I wonder???