Sunday, May 17, 2009

When it rains it pours.

Early this afternoon we were hit my a massive gust of wind which brought in incredible showers. Within seconds we went from calm to chaos.

I have never heard our windmill spin as fast as it did today... and I have been here through hurricanes.  Rains poured down as Linda and I yelled to our potentially sick children to run for cover.  Ignoring our cries, they ran barefoot through the rain pellets collecting falling mangos and dodging flying tree limbs.  Older boys delivered piping that had flown from the roof of the Quad back to us, and Peter took inventory on the roof- having just returned from an operation in the States.

The clouds continued to open up on us when Linda and I noticed this lone goat trying to find cover on the side of the Quad.  He wasn't very smart or successful, as he was standing on the ledge that was facing the falling rain.  He cried his little goat cry, and we debated on whether or not we should help him find cover in the Quad.  Our security guard helped make that decision when he tugged him off his ledge by the string wrapped around his neck, and pulled him away.

Once the storm subsided, Peter and I took a trip down to the village to check on the flooding.  River or road? Can you tell?  Unfortunately, this is a pathway that our children will need to use in order to go to the dining room to eat.  Think of all the bacteria that is gathering in this water, and think of our little ones bare feet.  Elevated pathways would be ideal in the prevention of illnesses during the rainy season.  I am predicting an epidemic of runny noses tomorrow in the clinic...

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