Thursday, May 21, 2009


Here are a few pictures of Baobab- my Rap Kreyol group and best friends.

  They have been "working in silence" getting ready to produce their CD.  The songs are ready, so hopefully we can get some funding and find a producer that will help them succeed soon. 
In these pictures they are working on dance choreography for Father Marc's anniversary. 

These guys have more hope and drive and dreams than anyone I know. I am going to work like crazy to help the reach their goals so they can make the difference in their country they are planning on making. 


  1. Hello Paige, I spent countless hours checking out your blogs, as well as the website. I was amaze to see the kind of work you are doing down there. Obviously I am speechless.
    We definitely need to talk. I would appreciate for you to please, please email me. mwen vle pale avew anpil. I know it's kind of early because we just met. But please don't be shy, and I don't think you are anyway.

    (The Haitian gentleman that picked you up from the airport to Ramada)

  2. Paige, I will be coming in August with my cousin Michael who has recording and production experience. He is actually bringing a laptop which is essentially a recording studio. It may be difficult to record anything of quality outside of a sound controlled atmosphere. But hopefully BAOBAB and some of the other groups can get together with him and try to lay some tracks down for fun at least. He may have some helpful input anyway. Arnie

  3. I can't wait to hear "Baobab" perform. I see their pics they look kool, Now I am wondering who teach them their dance move!! lol