Monday, May 4, 2009

Ti Moman

"Hey, Paige! Come here!"

"I'm working right now. I'll see you guys in a while."

"I have something for you. Come here."

I stand looking over the balcony. 

"Hold your hand out.  I'll throw it up to you... but DON'T drop it."

I give a suspicious look but hold out my hand.

My gift flies through the air and lands with a smack right in my palm. 

Instinctively my hand closes around the object. It is slimy.

I open my hand to find a small frog. 

It ribbets at me.

I look down at two snickering boys. 

"Thanks, boys.  Can I go back to work now?"

"Wait- you're not scared?"

"Nope. "

I toss the frog back down.  

They toss the frog into a nearby bush, turn, and walk away.

I walk back into my room. 

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