Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Riding Around

Before Yves took his car away, we "borrowed" it.  As you can see, little Dave loves it! At first, he was super scared of it.  He squirmed like a little fish trying to get out of Jean Robert's arms.  But, after he saw his little buddy Benito riding in the other one, he was game.  The two cars had little races around the quad, and we even took them outside of the quad for a bit... until it got a little out of control with children anxious to be passengers, and teenagers anxious to be taxi drivers. 
The car is meant for Yves, our neighbor who is confined to a wheelchair.  We were worried he wouldn't be able to work it because his upper body strength seemed weak.  Boy, did he prove us wrong!  We strapped him in this morning, and off he went... hitting a few bumps along the way, but he will get the hang of it!  I snapped a couple pictures as he rode off laughing, and after looking up from my camera I saw a group of employees, kids, and neighbors smiling.  It was so cool to see how excited everyone was for Yves as he pedaled his new red car away. 

The first thing Dave said to me this morning was "machine".  Trying to appease him and a couple other toddlers, I took the second car out of the quad to give them a ride.  It worked out nicely because all the big kids were in school, so there was no demand to share.  I took them all the way down the road and back, and by the time we reached the quad, my arms were burning from exhaustion!! 

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