Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sweet Mr. President Micky

The streets were packed. The noise level would blow your eardrums. The stakes raised high. The pink photos flying.

And not a soul wore a frown.

It is still hard to believe that after a year of suffering, pain, and feeling defeated, the people's voices were finally heard. The people finally came out on top. And, man, were they flying.

I found myself driving home in the middle of a Ra-Ra last night, just minutes after the announcement the South has been waiting for was made. The energy was intense. Children and adults alike paraded and celebrated the answer to their prayers. Sweet, Sweet Micky. His music was playing on the radio- the thrill of kompa a soundtrack to the day. It was beautiful.

Not sure how many of you know this... but Martelly and I go way back. My first encounter with him at a Bay Klub concert in Les Cayes a few years ago. My skin color was like a beacon of light attracting the artist to make small talk before his show. Over the years we haven't communicated on a regular basis, but just enough for me to realize that he really does hope to help his country. He and I have spoke of his Foundation and of Pwoje Espwa. Of how we both want to help the South and the children of Haiti.

Well now Martelly, here is your chance. Here is your chance to prove to your people that your song and dance were not just a show- but a foresight into the future. Here is your chance to show your faithful followers, the ones who suffered for you, that you will prevail. Here is your chance to bring your country, the one we all treasure, up out of the rubble. And we will be here to help you. We believe in you. In change. In Haiti.

So, please Sweet Mr. President Micky- call me!

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