Friday, April 15, 2011


I feel so blessed because recently I have been working on our new sponsorship program. This program will allow people to sponsor individual children and their needs. I love this idea, and what I love even more is that I am learning things about the children that I never knew in all the years I have known them. For instance, Delince.

Anyone who has been to Espwa in the last year definitely knows Delince, if for nothing else, because he works in the Guest House. He has always been interested in Public Health, loves folklore dancing, and is becoming fluent in English. He is a popular face around Espwa, and has been for the past seven years.

But yesterday, when I was chatting with Delince, I saw Delince in a completely different light. I looked at him with such admiration. Where he is now, with the assistance of Espwa, and where he came from are two completely opposite ends of the spectrum.

Delince is from Camp Perrin. His mother and father were happily married when his father passed away in a car accident. Delince's father tragically left this life leaving his wife, five children, and a new baby in it's nine month about to be born. Delince's mother was at a loss. She couldn't work, couldn't support her children, and had just lost her husband. She had no choice but to give Delince up to be a restevek (child slave) at less than ten years old.

Delince can't remember how long he was a restevek. He was promised schooling and proper care, but those promises were broken. He had lost his father and was separated from his family with the promise of school, but instead turned into a mistreated child servant. After an unknown amount of time, someone brought Delince to Espwa.

This is where Delince was given newfound Hope. This is where Delince blossomed and came to be the Delince we all know and love. And Espwa would not be the same without him.

Many will say this story is not uncommon, and they are right. But though this story is a common one, it is his. It is his reality, and one we should listen to, reflect on, and admire him for overcoming.

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