Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Esthere and Westerline Bien-aime are sisters who exemplify their name- Beloved.

At four and possibly six, the only stability the two have known is the stability of their Mother’s love. They have never had the stability of a breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They have never had the stability of laying their head down on a pillow at night. They have never had the stability of a roof over their heads. Growing up on the streets with their mother, their tiny eyes have seen too much.

Each night they searched out a new shelter- an abandoned lottery stand, a fallen house. Each day they foraged for food. Then they found Espwa. Because of her love for her daughters, Esthere and Westerline’s mother asked Espwa to provide her Beloved with security.

Now, Esthere and Westerline go to school, receive three meals a day, and have a pillow to lay their heads on every night.
Now, they have Hope.


  1. It is a beautiful thing that Pwoje Espwa does ... this a such an awesome way to create lifelong hope and reason to dream for so many of Haiti's children.

  2. I will always remember holding these precious girls in my arms. Thank you Paige and prayers for all the people of Haiti