Monday, January 17, 2011

TOMS at Espwa!

Lots and lots of happy little feet this past week.

We finally launched our distribution of TOMS Shoes here at Pwoje Espwa Sud. Close to 400 Espwa preschoolers (residents and outside students) received a new pair of school shoes. This is a huge gift, as many of you know from past posts, because shoes are a very costly expense, and not all of our children own a pair of shoes. With this wonderful gift, children are guaranteed to at least have a pair of shoes to wear to school.

This was a family effort- distributing to the Espwa preschool.

Here is Father Marc finding just the right fit for one of our little guys.

Berthony, our Executive Director, puts a new pair of TOMS on Estanley.

Here I am trying to get one of our neighbor girls properly fitted.

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