Thursday, October 14, 2010

Espwa School in Camp Perrin

Pwoje Espwa Sud was founded in 1998 in Camp Perrin, Haiti. Here is the first school founded by Pwoje Espwa. Currently, there are over 450 students attending a 7 classroom school grades kindergarten-sixth. The school is located on land owned by the Church, and many years ago Father Marc begged the parish to let him use the depot as a school for street children. Reluctantly, the pastor gave in, and Father Marc transformed a run down depot into a school. Now, they are bursting at the seams, but even still, are provided with an education they would otherwise not have.

This is the third grade classroom with 91 students. Imagine teaching, or learning for that matter, in these types of conditions.

Through our IFRP grant, we are able to provide each student for bags of Vita-Food each month. Ideally, we would have an on-site kitchen where the students could receive a hot meal each school day like the students at Pwoje Espwa in Les Cayes have. However, we do not have the funding to build a kitchen or pay for a cooking staff, so the students take the bags home with them, and we pray that they are able to taste the food given to them before it is either stolen, sold, or eaten by someone else.

A little kindergardener has been taught well, and carries her bags of Vita-Food back to her classroom on her head.

Here myself, Tigre, Samy, and Security hand out bags of food to the children. They did a great job standing in line and waiting their turn.

P.S. Amanda- yo di yo sonje ou.

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