Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Our Visitors this Week

My Mom, Pam, and my Auntie Pat flew down to spend a week here and to help celebrate the tenth anniversary. Thank you so much for coming Mom and Auntie Pat. I loved being able to share with you my second home, and the place I love the most in the world.

Daniel and Cheryl (Dan's parents) and Dan. His parents also came down for a week to help celebrate. It was really great to meet Dan's parents- we had a wonderful time.

Andy. Andy volunteered with ESPWA for about a year. He and I had met before in California at a fundraiser, so it was great to see him again in Haiti. He is going to be staying here for a few more weeks before he takes off on a new adventure- yet to be determined.


  1. uh-oh.....it looks like I may have had a bit too much of the delicious Haitian rum!!

    Auntie Pat and I had such a wonderful time, Paige. I was so amazed at the growth of the project since my last visit. We were definitely treated like 2 queens. THANK YOU all! I love and miss you so much already my Paigey!!! I will call you on Sunday.

  2. It looks like your mother beat me...
    It was wonderful, Paige, to relive the past week through these pictures. As your mom indicated, I had such a fantastic and memorable time and will carry the message of Project Espwa in my heart.
    Please thank all of the volunteers, Fathers Marc and Charlie, and the wonderful residents for the gracious hospitality that was given to us.