Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Karnaval is similar to Mardi Gras. This year is the first year Les Cayes decided to celebrate Karnaval two weeks before Lent- normally it is the weekend before. Needless to say, it was a big success. There were large floats, parades, and concerts being held Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night. We really had a great time. I love experiencing Haitian culture.

One of the floats with T-Vice, a very popular singer, performing as he traveled through the city. Look at the crowd behind his float- it was nuts. IMPOSSIBLE to walk through.

Amanda and myself on Saturday night. Taking a break from all the walking and dancing.

Sunday night- myself, Amanda, Machontoche, and Wilson. We were doing a dance called the Limbo. It is really fun, and looks SO cool when done right. I still need to practice.

Mikelange, Kevin, and Nesly. Kevin and Nesly are making faces and me and Amanda- I guess they didn't really like our rendition of the Limbo.


  1. you look gorgeous these days (well you always do...). do-gooding is good for you i guess!

    hey, check the fantastic4 blog, dork. erin is thinking of coming down to haiti with adam.

    and love.

  2. It sure looked like alot of fun, Paige! And, it doesn't suprise me that everyone your way had a head start on Mardi Gras.
    Keep smiling and never underestimate the wonderful work that you're doing! :-)

  3. I've always wanted to experience Karnaval... You know you're going to teach me that dance when you get back... Cupid shuffle is played out now...