Thursday, January 17, 2008

Little John

Father Marc posted a super cute picture of Little John wearing too big glasses. I thought I'd keep up the trend and post a pic of Little John wearing a too big hat.

This child is too cute!


  1. One question.....did you get those big sunglasses back as well as the hat??? (Ha...I know how easy it is to give the "babies" items that become their special "treasures", right?) I remember Little John and how he helped himself to whatever was in our hands at the time he approached us. What a cutie.....and how typical of every 3 year old!! I just want to see a big grin next pic shot!

  2. As I recall, he's even cuter in person! He sure stole Connie, your mom's and my hearts!

  3. My heart has been stolen so many times and I suspect it will be many more. No sooner than you see one cutie another pops up, and so it goes....