Saturday, March 19, 2011


The following are purely my observations that I have made over the past week in regards to the election-

* Real Men Wear Pink (and are bald)
* 70 year old women like loud rap music as long as it earns votes
* "Subliminal Messages" in order to persuade voters consists of people screaming into megaphones
* Haitians are poetic and can compose more "You need to Vote" jingles than I have fingers and toes
* Candidates had better be photogenic because their face will be posted in obscure places
* When Haitians start to sing and dance, the UN starts to get nervous
* Tear gas does not scare Haitians
* Motorcycle parades can stop traffic
* Election day takes a lot of preparation- don't plan on shopping the day before
* Nobody is above bribery

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