Friday, March 11, 2011

Local TOMS Distribution

In order to assist with the distribution of THOUSANDS of Kiddy TOMS Shoes, EDUplus has decided to provide four Espwa graduates with an opportunity for a part time job distributing shoes in impoverished neighborhoods in and around Les Cayes.

Directed by Mackentoche, the guys have contacted the local mayors of the cities to gain their approval to distribute TOMS Shoes to children house by house. Every afternoon, the guys take their notebook, shoes, and head out. They are recording the neighborhood in which they distribute, the name of each child from each house, and the size shoe each child receives.

The response has been extremely positive. The community is excited to receive the gifts for the children, the children love their shoes, and the guys feel a sense of pride and responsibility for Espwa and TOMS. It has been great.

Below are a few pictures of the distributions in Fon Fred and Madame Comb.

We hope to continue to build a relationship with TOMS and allow for these four young guys to continue to earn a little bit of money part time. It's amazing the sense of community and togetherness that can be built with something as small as a pair of shoes.

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