Thursday, December 9, 2010


Espwa is safe. The children are safe. We have 16 visitors here that are staying with us until Sunday. American Airlines has cancelled flights until at least tomorrow.

The tensions are still high. Lots of rumors are being thrown around. We are getting updates from friends and from radio, but it is hard to say what is true unless someone sees it with their own eyes.

What we do know:

Roads are blocked. Nobody in or out of the city by anything motorized. By foot- maybe you can get through if you are Haitian.

Tires are burning and give off a gross smell.

The marketplace has been burned down... and we are thinking we are going to have to get real creative in how we serve rice.

We are running low on toilet paper. (Scary.)

The quad is a safe place, but we are all going a little stir crazy.

and finally...

If Sweet Micky were put back into the running for president- all of this would stop and we could get on with our lives.

Please keep praying.

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