Friday, December 10, 2010

On the Ground.

Was able to get 5 of the 16 American visitors out. Two live in PaP, and the rest will be headed to the DR tomorrow morning, and then back to the States tomorrow afternoon.

They said that PaP "was on fire". There were road blocks every 20 ft in some places, and much had been "torched." However, it is peaceful right now.

American Airlines has cancelled flights through Monday. This poses problems for all of those who have been trying to get in and out of the country the past three days, and two days to come.

Les Cayes still has a lot of tension. UN helicopters were patrolling all day. We could see and hear them from Espwa, and the people coming in from town said the UN was everywhere.

Let's hope that tonight is another relatively peaceful night, and things start to get back to normal. With all of the stores and banks closed, people have to be getting hungry and nervous.

I'm exhausted. Until tomorrow...

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