Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Support

This afternoon Bonhomme fell off of the horse.  By the size of his wrist and the screams from him mouth, he had obviously broken it.  While Father Marc called for a car to the hospital, and Linda iced and wrapped, I went out to shoo the other children away from The Gate.  
Much to my surprise, I found yet another child crying his eyes out.  "What's wrong? Why are you crying?" "That's my brother!" Bossco could barely make out the words through his sobs.  In spite of myself, I smiled.  I hugged him and brought him into the Quad.  
Here is Linda- not hugging the broken child, but the brother of the broken child.  Now that is what I call brotherly love.

* Side note- It is 9:30 at night as I post this entry.  The car left for the hospital around 5, and it is just now getting back.  I asked Johnny our driver how our Bonhomme is doing and his response was, "There was no doctor in the hospital- it was too late.  We had to leave him, and he has to wait until tomorrow."  There is something wrong with this picture. *

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  1. Oh dear...please let us know how Bonhomme is today. I hope Bossco is okay as well. Thank goodness for all the "mother hens" in the quad right now. A hug always makes it feel better. I wonder how long it will be before Bonhomme gets back up on the horse? Be careful everyone!